About Us

About Navigate Benefit Solutions

Navigate Benefit Solutions started for Jason Probe as a solo venture in 2002. Since then, Navigate has grown into a full-service consulting firm with offices in Calgary, Edmonton, Regina and an affiliate office in Denver, Colorado. Our in house sales department and service specialists ensure our clients’ experience is seamless. Our team also offers a full range of wealth management services.

Through our significant growth, Navigate Benefit Solutions has earned an excellent reputation within the pension and benefits industry and amongst our clientele. The expertise, skill set and dedication of our professionals ensures our clients receive the best quality of care. Contact and member of our team to experience the Navigate Advantage today.


    Our Mission

    With an uncompromising commitment to customer service and expert advice, we deliver peace of mind to our customers by providing them employee benefits solutions that just make sense. We provide clarity. We are conscientious. We care.

    Customer service is core to our business and is a key differentiator. But we go one step further: Our expertise in benefit solutions and investment / wealth management.

    We provide clarity in the complex benefit solutions industry. We are conscientious. And we truly care. Our unique blend of experience, expertise and service provides our customers with the right advice and the right solution every time. We listen. We connect. We help in any way we can. We are honoured to be their trusted advisors.

    Close to 20 years ago, we started a company that cares. We’ve built a team of experts that offers great advice and solutions. The intersection of caring and expertise is our point of differentiation and it’s a strong rallying cry: For our team. For our customers. For the industry.